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  • Preventing and treating paralysis tick bites in your cat

    12 August 2016

    Ticks are very common in Australia and tend to peak around spring as the weather warms up and while there is still moisture around from the winter season. The most serious type of tick for pets is a tick known as the 'paralysis tick' or Ixodes holocyclus. This tick tends to inhabit long grass and cannot move far, so it waits for a blood meal such as a pet to come by.

  • An Overview Of Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

    19 July 2016

    Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which are poisonous to dogs. Now, dogs aren't known for their self-control when it comes to food, so it's up to you to keep chocolate out of your dog's reach. You can minimise the risk of your dog getting their paws on chocolate by teaching your children not to share food with your dog. It's also a good idea to unpack groceries as soon as you get home from the store and be vigilant when you take your dog out for a walk, particularly if they are off the leash.

  • Why Mobile Dog Grooming is Good for Your Pet

    29 March 2016

     Some pet owners wonder whether it is worth it to pay a little extra for mobile dog wash and dog grooming services. Read on and discover some reasons why you should consider mobile pet grooming for your dog. Prompt Attention to Your Dog Oftentimes, dog owners drop off their pets at a groom shop long before the appointment they had obtained. This may be because the pet owner is rushing off to work.