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Why Mobile Dog Grooming is Good for Your Pet

by Courtney Wheeler

 Some pet owners wonder whether it is worth it to pay a little extra for mobile dog wash and dog grooming services. Read on and discover some reasons why you should consider mobile pet grooming for your dog.

Prompt Attention to Your Dog

Oftentimes, dog owners drop off their pets at a groom shop long before the appointment they had obtained. This may be because the pet owner is rushing off to work. In such a case, the dog will be put inside a cage as it awaits its turn to be washed and groomed. He or she will then be returned to the cage until you can pick him or her after your other engagements. This prolonged confinement in a strange cage can be avoided if you contact a mobile dog grooming company. There will be no waiting in line for your dog before it can be washed or groomed. You will also not have to be anxious as you wonder how your dog is coping with the strange environment where you left him or her.

Limited Chance of Contracting Diseases

Groom shops receive several dogs each day. Some of those dogs may pass on infections and vectors (such as fleas and ticks) to your dog while it is at the groom shop. This can compromise the health of your dog and yet you had gone to great lengths to keep the dog free from any diseases or pests. Mobile dog grooming avoids having your dog exposed to other pets that may transmit diseases to it.

Reduction of Stress

Many dogs become anxious when their nails are being clipped. Other dogs hate water and they can become stressed during a dog wash. Others cannot stand having their ears cleaned. The stress levels may be higher if the grooming is being done in an environment that isn't familiar to the dog. Mobile dog grooming and dog washing services allow you to have your pet attended to in a setting that he or she is comfortable. This can make the experience less stressful for that dog.

As you can see from the discussion above, mobile dog washing and dog grooming is not a senseless waste of money. It has several benefits for the dog owner and the dog. You should therefore explore how you can take advantage of mobile dog care services (like Foxy's Mobile Dog Washing & Grooming Service) in your area so that you do not miss those numerous benefits.