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Boarding Your Dogs Together: Can Two or More Dogs Be Placed in the Same Pen at Boarding Kennels?

by Courtney Wheeler

Going away for any length of time when you have more than one dog can leave you concerned, especially if one of those dogs is of a sensitive nature. Ideally then, you would like to keep them together. At least that way, your dogs will have a familiar face nearby at all times and can keep each other company while you are away.

If boarding your dogs together in a boarding kennel is one of the options you are considering, then you are probably wondering what this option entails. In this article, you'll learn all you need to know about boarding your dogs together in a boarding kennel.

Your Dogs Can Be Placed in the Same Pen

Most if not all boarding kennels allow you to board your dogs in the same kennel provided there is enough room for them both. This means that the usual stress that comes from being away from their owners will be greatly reduced. They will be able to retain a semblance of their normal routine, eating, sleeping and playing together as they would at home.

Boarding Two or More Dogs Together Is Cheaper

If you are travelling for several days or more, you may also be concerned about the cost of boarding two or more dogs. The good news regarding cost is that it is often cheaper to board more than one dog in the same pen.

Most kennels will offer a discounted price for every additional dog that stays in a pen. Having this option available is great when two or more families with dogs go on holiday together because it means you can board your dogs together in the same pen at a discounted rate.

Large Dogs Can Be Placed in Kennels Next to Each Other

Several large dogs may not be able to comfortably stay in the same pen. However, in this case, to ensure your dogs aren't lonely while you are away, you can place them in kennels side by side as long as you inform the boarding kennel of your need to do this in advance.

Bear in mind, however,  that this option doesn't come with a discount as more than one kennel needs to be used, taking up more space.

Although there are other options, such as keeping your dogs at home, boarding your dogs together in a boarding kennel does have its advantages. For example, if your dogs are especially mischievous when left alone together, a daily 30 minute visit by a pet sitter won't be enough to ensure that they don't turn your home into an all-you-can-chew buffet while you're away.